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Patio’s vs. Decks

Decks you are limited to wood or composite wood. With real wood your staining or sealing every 2-3 years pending how much direct sun you get. Railings are a must and your limited to wood, composite wood or vinyl. Oh and those ugly steps nothing nice about those.

Now a patio you have a 1,000 different choices. Drylaid modular block, a wet laid natural stacked stone or a cinder block walls with stone facades. The surfaces can be anything from concrete to pavers even A natural Bluestone surface.

How about that outdoor kitchen or maybe a pizza oven. That beautiful stone fireplace or firepit to sit around a toast marshmellows. You can do courtyard style sitting walls or maybe a cozy corner built in couch. You can do multiple levels with stone piers with lanterns even led undercap lighting. So which one should you chose, i think the decision is now a little clearer.

Winter Thaw !

As the snow and ice slowly start to thaw its time to think about this summers landscaping projects. Maybe that new front walkway or getting rid of that old deck and installing that new maintenance free stone patio. We here at Ryback Lanscaping can help you bring those ideas and dreams to life. Continue Reading