5 Essential Winter Lawn Care Tips

5 Essential Winter Lawn Care Tips

Many of us don’t think about our lawns in the wintertime. Yet, just because our grass is covered with a few inches of snow doesn’t mean we should stop caring for it. Regular maintenance throughout all four seasons will keep our lawns fresh and healthy. Here’s what you should be doing for your lawn during the cold, winter months:

Aerate your lawn

In the early months of winter, just before the first frost, head out and aerate your lawn. Aerating will provide extra air for your grassroots, allowing it to stay alive during the winter months. You can check out how to aerate your lawn here.


After aerating your lawn, you should follow up with fertilizer. Good quality fertilizer will give your grass the nutrients it needs to survive the coming months. It will also give your lawn a head-start in the spring, growing green and lush sooner rather than later.

Keep it clean

The fall months can create a mess on your lawn. Fallen leaves and other debris will pile up, and if left there over the winter, they can cause disease. Before the snow starts to fall, remove everything from your lawn, including lawn furniture, to keep your lawn healthy during the next few months.

Avoid walking on your lawn

During the winter, your lawn is frozen and dormant. Nevertheless, it can still be damaged by frequent foot traffic. Stick to your walkways and driveways and try to leave your lawn untouched.

Plow your driveway and walkways

While not technically a part of your lawn, you should always plow your driveway and walkways to avoid any nasty accidents. This will also encourage residents and visitors to avoid walking on your lawn, keeping the grass healthy for the foreseeable future.

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